Take Command, our newest online financial readiness program, is now accredited by the American College of Financial Services and provides three hours of college credit. Most courses take no more than an hour to complete and users learn to make smart, informed financial decisions and effectively pursue long-term financial security from entry into military service until separation or retirement.

Developing a mobile app will deliver Take Command content to a broad age demographic in an enhanced, intuitive user experience allowing for gamification, badging, and expansion of additional content to fresh audiences. This app, coupled with accreditation of Take Command curriculum, represents an extraordinary opportunity to further help service members and their families develop positive financial behaviors.

How you can help put Take Command in the hands of those who need it!

We challenge our supporters to help us raise the capital of $98,000 to develop, launch, and deploy this app. Thank you for joining us in the movement to end financial insecurity in our nation’s military. Your gift says our service families are worth it!

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