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First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) was founded in 1983 as a private foundation supporting First Command Financial Services (FCFS) to provide financial education and scholarships to military members and their families. Over time, FCEF has grown and evolved to adapt to evolving financial challenges facing military service members. Since 2006, First Command Educational Foundation has been recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity in the state of Texas and has operated independently of FCFS and its subsidiaries. First Command Educational Foundation is governed by our own board of directors, chief executive officer and president. Our commitment to “educate those who serve” through financial education training, literature, tools, and scholarships remains unwavering. Our educational programs provide individuals and families tools and knowledge to be fiscally responsible and financially stable.


Our logos may be applied over color backgrounds and imagery. In most cases, this will require the all-white logos. The key considerations are visibility and legibility. We prefer the full-color logos as much as possible.

Vector Files

If you need our logo files in vector format, please reach out to Please include a description of the intended use and date needed.

Color Specifications

Blue: Pantone PMS 2955, HEX #003865, RGB 0, 56, 101; CYMK 100, 45, 0, 60.

Gold: Pantone PMS 132, HEX #a17d0a, RGB 161, 125, 10; CYMK 0, 22, 94, 37.

Intellectual Property

First Command Educational Foundation name and logo are service marks.

TAKE COMMAND® and FINANCIAL READINESS FOR LIFE® are registered service marks.

Our website and original publications are copyrighted. Publications may be licensed for a fee.

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TAKE COMMAND Testimonials

“I enjoyed this course and wish I had this available when I first enlisted.”

“The Retirement course, in particular, had a lot of great resources- the before, during, and after budget sheet as well as the handbook.”

“I believe that this course would be extremely valuable to our new service members and any service member that has not completed a financial education course”

FERS & CSRS Seminar Testimonials