Waypoint #4


As we enter spring, First Command Educational Foundation’s Education Program activities are increasing. We will continue serving our existing partnerships and explore new, innovative ways to build additional partnerships and expand the reach of our programs. One such successful partnership with the USCG commands in the greater Corpus Christi, TX area. Last year, we provided 23 virtual and in-person financial readiness education engagements for their crews, meeting their commands’ financial education initiatives.

We know many federal agencies are experiencing drastic cuts or elimination of their training budgets. One critical training component for federal employees is dedicated training on the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) Retirement Benefits Training. This training provides federal employees with essential information to fully understand their annuity and other retirement benefits options. The FERS is one of the most robust retirement plans in the country and has many components that can be challenging to navigate. Teaching federal employees so they know those components and understand the available options is critical to them to maximizing their retirement benefits to sustain them through their retirement years.

In response to the challenges federal agencies are facing, First Command Educational Foundation will host at least two FERS Retirement Benefits webinars this year. Individuals can register independently, or agencies can register blocks of employees to attend for a nominal fee per participant. Each webinar is presented by a professional speaker with more than 30 years’ experience in FERS education. Our fee covers the costs of hosting the webinar and a comprehensive electronic training handbook for each participant.

Serving the financial readiness education needs of federal employees aligns with our mission to educate those who serve. The federal government is the largest employer of our veterans with over half a million veterans continuing to serve in agencies across the country and around the world!

We ask you, our loyal friends, advocates, volunteers, supporters, learners, and partners to help us spread the word about our upcoming training. Individuals and agencies can register here.

You can also download and share a flyer.

Thank you so much! We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Gratefully yours,


Tom Kuhar, President

First Command Educational Foundation
Commander, US Coast Guard (retired)