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Our Mission:

To educate those who serve.

About This Course:

Welcome to Military Money Matters. First Command Educational Foundation (FCEF) created the initial Money Matters curriculum to help fill the gap in financial literacy education for young adults, and developed Military Money Matters to address this same need for junior servicemembers. Mastering the information in this course will help you gain the financial savvy necessary for immediate and long-term success. We have also included information that will specifically help your family members, so we encourage you to share this course with them. We hope you enjoy this course, and we wish you the best in your service career.

The topics in this curriculum have been developed for educational purposes only and should not be used as financial advice, guidance, or for financial planning purposes. Please consult a professional advisor regarding your specific personal financial plans.

FCEF does not endorse or favor any commercial supplier, product, or service.

The Department of Defense does not endorse or favor any commercial supplier, product, service, or the views of the Foundation.

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"Financial problems also can have a direct impact on military readiness. Military personnel who experience serious financial problems can lose their security clearance, face criminal sanctions or be discharged from the military. Against this backdrop, the consequences of not having the necessary skills to make sound financial decisions become even more severe. Financial capability is a key component of military readiness. Whether living on-base or off-base, serving in the United States or deployed overseas, it is crucial that military families have access to financial information and resources that will enable them to make prudent saving and investing decisions for themselves and their families."

FINRA Investor Education Foundation report on National Financial Capability, Military Survey Component, October 2010.